Student Life

School Life

AGM is a place where life-long friendships and memories are made. From Pajama Day, Crazy Hat Day, holiday classroom parties to spending time together on the playground, our students enjoy the warmth and comfort of a close-knit family.

Ø  Our Parent Teacher Organization works tirelessly to provide family-centered activities throughout the year.

Ø  Our student council organizes fun activities and fundraisers.

Ø  Our faculty values parents as partners in the education of children.

Ø  Our students flourish with the high expectations, love, and support that surround them here.


Student Safety 

Our school places the highest priority on safety and security. The school campus is equipped with newly built, locked gates and security monitoring cameras. A security guard is on site during school hours. The school has crisis response plans in place and conducts regular drills.


School highlights

Ø  Low student to teacher ratio

Ø  Personalized approach

Ø  Differentiated instruction

Ø  Project-based learning

Ø  Interactive e- Beam technology

Ø  Proficient and advanced standardized test scores

Ø  Grade specific field trips

Ø  Educational assemblies

Ø  Participation in cultural performances

Ø  6th grade graduation trip to Armenia

Ø  Science Fair

Ø  OC Parenting Spelling Bee

Ø  Academic Pentathlon

Ø  Scholastic Book Fair

Ø  Red Ribbon Week

Ø  Reading Awareness Month

Ø  Recycling Program

Ø  Monthly award assemblies

Ø  Parental communication through web-based TeacherEase program 


Upcoming Events